I'm a UK-based comic artist and writer. This is my corner of the web and you are very welcome. Please take a look around, pull up a beanbag, have a cuppa ^_^
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A new Dragon Heir image

Shock horror! thumbnail of 'Protection controlled' For the full thing, check the Dragon heir gallery. In other news, I'm busy beavering away. The first batch of Grapevine pages are well underway, and I've even tried getting a bit of Dragon Heir #6 done! Hence the image. Yesterday, Sonia Leong and I were interviewed for BBC radio Cambridge in connection with Manga Shakespeare - which was fun. Keep an ear out for that! ^_^

Merry Christmas!!!

I can't believe it's that time again....it seems to have come round so fast this year. This is just a shout out to wish one and all a very merry Christmas. Happy face-stuffing! ^_^ EDIT- no more Xmas piccie for you! It's done, new year now! hehehe....removed. ^_^

Current project

I am happy to be able to confirm that I am working with Grapevine Entertainment on what promises to be an exciting project, codenamed London Manga. There are no details to release yet as we are in the early concept stages, but to find out more about Grapevine, do click the banner and check out their website. ^_^

Cyberspace HeroCard images added to Professional gallery

Yes, I have finally got around to uploading a selection of the images I created for the game Cyberspace. As soon as my image hoster catches up, they'll be available for viewing! This was a really fun project that I worked on, together with fellow artists Sonia Leong, Selina Dean and Aleister Kelman. I was responsible for the Cryptomancer's design and created a set of the cards, 6 of which can now be seen in the Professional Gallery.

New stuff and Hamlet now available at Amazon!

Click here to be whisked to Hamlet's page on Amazon.co.uk. It's very nice to finally see the book listed, after all this work! Remember, Romeo + Juliet is also available on pre-order. ^_^ As for the new stuff, well, shockingly I've added an image to the professional gallery, and shall be looking to update the resume in the next few days. I've been so busy I just haven't had time to update anything properly for a while - sorry! Events have finally slowed down though, and deadlines are starting to pass.....so I'll be able to knuckle down a bit soon - maybe even draw some personal projects! 0_o For now, if you'd like to see more of him, head to the professional gallery! ^_^

Recent lack of images - sorry!

Apologies for the lack of image updates recently. Despite having finally finished up Hamlet (yays - check out www.selfmadehero.com for details on both it and Romeo + Juliet), I am currently juggling three projects. >_< Can't complain really! So, the bad news is I haven't anything that I can upload just now. The good news is that I should have very soon. One of the projects is calling for a lot of pure lineart, so expect some new coloured and lineart images at some point in the near future! ^_^ IMAF tomorrow! See you there if you're going. Ciao for now!

Back from London, for a week at least!

Yesterday was Letraset's Manga day at the London Graphics centre. It was great to see so many enthusiastic faces old and new in the workshops! Now I get a whole four days before I'm back in London for IMAF, Count Hall. ^_^ All in all i'm pretty exhausted - but it's great seeing people enthused and ready to draw by the end of a workshop - so it's all worth it. Right - Now to spend some much needed time on current commissions!

London MCM Expo time again!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been busy finishing off a few projects as well as getting ready for the London Expo this weekend! As always, it should be a fantastic weekend and I'll be there, running around like a headless chicken. Have fun anyone who's going! ^_^